Challenges Marketers Face As Technology Advances

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The loss of personal touch

Kurzweil describes the world we will live in as: “A seamless blend of real and virtual/augmented reality. Our everyday reality will essentially be one encompassing interactive media.”

If that is the case, how will marketers and communicators maintain that personal touch that comes from face-to-face interaction? Will the personal touch cease to exist, or just lose its true meaning?

The loss of personal touch is already evident in today’s society. E-mails, social networks, Skype, webinars, etc. are great tools but they all contribute to this lack of personal, face-to-face interaction. Even phone calls are becoming less common. There’s no denying that technology will continue to accelerate and it will have an effect on the personal, face-to-face aspects of communication.

Differentiation when technology isn’t a hot new trend

A few years ago, just using social media made an organization different. Brands stood out amongst their competitors just from having a Facebook Fan Page, MySpace or Twitter account. Now brands have to use social media the “correct” way and provide compelling content to stand out.

But what happens when society becomes so used to technology that nothing fazes people anymore?

If we live and breathe technology so much that it’s embedded in our lives and it blurs the lines between reality and a virtual world, how will marketers be able to differentiate a brand? How can a brand stand out in a world like that?

The idea of augmented reality comes with many challenges and opportunities that I’m sure many of us haven’t even considered yet. At this point, all we can do is try to keep up with the trends. Marketers that want to continue to reach consumers have to adapt their strategies to fit with advances in technology. Hopefully technology does not advance too quickly for us to keep up.


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